GCT/F High field roller type permanent magnetic separator


The product removes weak magnetic impurities from granular or coarse powder materials,and is used for the purification of ceramics, glass, refractories, and abrasives and other non-metallic minerals, chemical industry, food, medicine, dry pre-selection of weak magnetic minerals such as hematite and limonite, and dry ore dressing of manganese ore.

Outstanding advantages

1.The reasonable combination of permanent magnet drum and permanent magnet roller makes the iron removal effect better.
2. The drum is adopted a new type of compensation magnetic model magnetic system, magnetic field strength can reach 8000GS, magnetic field strength is higher, suction is stronger.
3.Magnetic cylinder can be made to turn over to improve the net removal rate. Roller and magnet roller speed can be adjusted to adapt wider particle size and yield requirements.
4.The magnetic roller adopts a polymagnetic composite magnetic system with a magnetic field strength of 15000GS and a higher gradient.
5.The controllable feeding system guarantees the homogeneity of the material flowing through the magnetic field. The conveyor belt is made of special materials and with good wear resistance.
6.The product can a clean weak magnetic oxideutomatically, can guarantee long-term trouble-free operation.
7.The equipment has a dust-removing port and concentrated dust emission to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

Moder Roller length(mm) Magneric Field Strength of Roller(Gs) Magretic Field Strength of Drum(Gs) Belt thickness(mm) Materials Size(um) Capacity(t/h) Drum Driving Power(KW)

GCT/F3-I 300 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 0.4-0.6 0.75*2 0.55*1
GCT/F3-II 0.55*2
GCT/F5-I 500 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 0.8-1 0.75*2 0.55*1
GCT/F5-II 0.55*2
GCT/F8-I 800 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 1.2-2 1.1*2 0.55*1
GCT/F8-II 0.55*2
GCT/F10-I 1000 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 2-3.5 1.5*2 0.55*1
GCT/F10-II 0.55*2
GCT/F12-I 1200 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 4-7 2.2*2 0.55*1
GCT/F12-II 0.55*2
GCT/F15-I 1500 15000-20000 4000-10000 0.1-2 83-5000 7-10 3*2 0.55*1
GCT/F15-II 0.55*2
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