GTTS Dewatering screen


Linear dehydrated medium screen is developed in recent years my company with international quality large-scale screening equipment, applicable to the raw coal of coal preparation plant, classification, deslimingdehydration, mine sieving, screening of power plant and coal chemical industry of new energy industry, materials such as separation process.
Linear movement way, the material is not easy to plug mesh, sieve plate than the traditional circular vibrating screen is long, life is a traditional circular vibrating screen upgrade of choice.

Outstanding advantages

1. Waterproof optimal frequency use special motor, double motor drive the synchronization technology, efficient dehydration effect.
2. The new dry dehydration process compared with the traditional process has put into small, the process is simple, cover an area of small, easy to process arrangement system.
3. Professional design frequency, amplitude, low consumption of power supply, suitable for a variety of dehydration demand 24 hours after doing homework.V-shaped surface design, 5 ゜ sieve surface climbing dehydration, dry tailings low water cut, high efficiency, large capacity per unit area.
4. High wear-resisting screen plate service life is long, modular assembly design, easy to change, cost savings, can choose according to the mesh size.
5. Maohan combination of steel components, constitute no internal stress, high strength, light weight and durable frame body.

Introduction of working principle

Dewatering vibrating screen with double electrodes since synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude of vibrator. Is mainly composed of screen box, vibrator, supporting system and motor. Coupling respectively by tape drive two mutually contact vibrator are synchronous reverse operation, two groups of eccentric mass produced by centrifugal force along the direction of vibration force component overlay, reverse centrifugal offset, so as to form a single, along the direction of vibration induced vibration makes the screen box affectation reciprocating linear motion.
Dehydration screen is also called high frequency sieve dehydration, through vibration force changed the tension of water on the surface of the pulp, pulp water through the screen mesh become undersize, screen mesh and superfine material to be cut off form filter affected by vibration discharge to move forward. Dehydration screen is mainly used in mineral processing industry tailings dehydration, coal preparation plant of coal slime dewatering, quartz sand and ceramic slurry dewatering, and electric power, sugar, salt and other industrial departments of dry materials of fine particles in wet classification, dewatering, medium, and desliming.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

  •  Screen surface Angle (℃)            

      Sieve pore size (mm)
  Materials amount (t/h)        
 Power unite energy consumption (KW)         Vibration  Exciter Model 
GTTS1036 -5~-3         0.3~0.6                        10-35 2*1.1 2XYZO-20-4
GTTS1236 -5~-3 18-65 2*2.4 2XYZO-30-4
GTTS1536 -5~-3 30-90 2*3.1 2XYZO-40-6
GTTS1838 -5~-3 40-120 2*7.5 4X39-6
GTTS2138 -3~0 60-150 2*7.5 4X45-6
GTTS2538 -3~0 80-200 2*11 4X64-6

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