GF Vertical air- classifier


Whole unit include air-classifier, cyclone collector, pulse dust collector, high pressure induced fan and electricity cabinet.

Outstanding advantages

    ◆The classifier used within the ceramic protection, less equipment wear, no pollution, high purity.
    ◆Classifier structure is designed, almost by all large particles, high grading precision, large granular control.
    ◆Classification by grading impeller speed and freely adjustment of air volume, in order to obtain the required product, grading range.
    ◆Adopts low speed vertical single impeller hierarchical structure, material flow is stable, equipment processing capacity, high classification efficiency.
    ◆Using multi-stage structure, at the same time granularity classification of several products, the particle size distribution to obtain the ideal.

Introduction of working principle

     The classifying device is composed of pneumatic classifier, cyclone, collector induced draft fan, electricity cabinet and so on, Equipped with second air inlet and vertical impeller rotor. The materials are fed in visa the bottom roller under the force generated from the induced draft fan and then mixed with first input air to disperse particle and then brought to classifying zone. Owing to the high rotary speed of classifying rotor, the particles are under the centrifugal force produced by the classifying rotor and centripetal force generate from induced draft fan. When the centrifugal force is stronger than the centripetal force, the coarse particles fall down along inside roller. The second air is induced to sieve the coarse material is discharged from classifier, the over-milled powder are collected by the cyclone and pulse collector.

Introduction of Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(kg/h) Efficiency  of classification      Product Particle Size(um)     Power(kw)
GF010 10-50 70-90% D97=3-50 7
GF020 50-350 15-19
GF050 100-800 25-30
GF100 300-1500 41-48
GF200 500-4000 63-73
GF400 2000-5000 97-20
GF500 3000-6000 110-30
GF600 4000-8000 140-169
GF800 6000-12000 170-210
GF1200 8000-20000 70-90% D97=3-50 230-280
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