GDF High field strength electromagnetic separator


     Electromagnetic dry iron separator has high magnetic field strength, simple installation, high temperature resistance, convenient cleaning, etc. Different field strengths can be designed according to the nature of the ore. When the non-magnetic mineral deviates from the magnetic field, the mineral is well separated from the magnetic cylinder under gravity.

Outstanding advantages

     It can remove fine crops that are not easy to circulate. Under the action of vibration motors, raw materials with a volume of less than 200 μm or high humidity can pass through the screen unanimously.
Processing of high-temperature materials Standard models can handle raw materials up to 70 °C, while special models can be used to handle higher-temperature raw materials.
Simple installation, as long as the bracket is safe, then the device can be installed arbitrarily
The magnetic filter screen is easy to clean, and a tray is placed at the outlet of the material to recover the separated material. At the same time, the power is turned off to degauss the screen. It is easy to clean.
Thoroughly separate iron powder from basic materials to ensure that basic materials do not enter the separation tank

Introduction of Technical Parameters



High strength magnetic force
 GDF-150   GDF-250   GDF-300   GDF-150H   GDF-250H   GDF-300H 

Capacity (T/H)
5 15 20 5 15 20

Weight (kg)
200 400 450 800 1200 1400

Filter Net Outer Diameter (mm) 
145 245 295 145 245 295
Filter Net sheet Number
13 15 15 13 15 15

Insulation Oil Amount (L) 
18 50 50 60 70 70

Control Panel Size (mm) 
300*400*540 350*500*600
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